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STBP 2024

About SFST

Society for Fusion of Science & Technology The collegium of people, from academia and research, entrepreneurs, industry experts, engineers, artists, legal, medical, and management professionals who have come together to promote inter-disciplinary science and technology, enhance the synergetic partnership between academia and industry, undertake systematic studies and research in scientific endeavors of national and international importance, have culminated into the Society for Fusion of Science and Technology, and the mission lies in addressing current challenges and promoting newer horizons for science, engineering, and technology for a sustainable future. The society was established in 2015 and has to its credit innumerable achievements in research, teaching, promotion of technology, and social welfare. The SFST has the distinction of organizing the International Symposium on Fusion of Science & Technology (ISFT-2016 and ISFT-2020) at New Delhi/NCR, India, and the International Conference on New Frontiers in Engineering, Science & Technology (NFEST-2018 and NFEST-2019) at New Delhi and Kurukshetra respectively. These conferences/symposiums have witnessed huge responses from around the world and a large number of distinguished International Speakers have delivered keynote lectures with around 2000 delegates including 200 from 18 countries in these conferences..

The SFST is committed to:

Research– To conduct and promote inter-disciplinary research to develop new frontiers of technologies; Dissemination of these technologies will be carried over by publishing journals, proceedings, monographs and memoirs.


Profession– To promote innovation and creativity amongst young professionals to achieve high degree of proficiency; High standards of professional competence and conduct within the various fields of science and technology will be created to facilitate mutual exchange of Science & Technology professionals, collaborations with other organizations.

Education– To provide assistance and opportunities to young individuals, desirous and eager to learn inter-disciplinary science and technology, by granting scholarships and providing financial aid to meritorious students in the field of education; to translate, print, publish, and circulate appropriate material for distribution of useful knowledge for the advancement of Science & Technology.


Fusion- To envision the fusion of science and technology with art and culture by coupling the plethora of technological innovations with the vibrant cultural heritage of literary & visual arts and material culture endowed on us.

The SFST appreciates the input received from members, and other stakeholders and looks forward to receiving your benign presence at the 1st International Workshop on “Sustainable Technologies for a Better Planet: Challenges & Preparedness for 2050”; January 4-10, 2024, Delhi- NCR, India.


About STBP-2024 1st International Workshop on “Sustainable Technologies for a Better Planet: Challenges & Preparedness for 2050” (STBP 2024) which is a very dynamic and thought-provoking workshop, shall delve into the most pressing technological challenges that loom over our planet's future. Climate change, resource depletion, disparity, gender bias, poverty, new education policies & pedagogies, industry 6.0, business opportunities, sustainable innovations, startup tie-up, and Intellectual property rights are just some of the urgent issues we aim to address. Guided by leading experts and visionaries in sustainability, we  will explore how these challenges impact our planet and, more importantly, how technology can serve as a potent solution to mitigate their impact.

The workshop is aimed to promote a synergetic partnership between academia and industry and also to showcase the growth of cutting-edge technology developed in the recent past.

STBP2024 is being held at Delhi-NCR, India during January 4-10, 2024.


The organizing committee invites students, scientists, research scholars, academicians, and industry & management professionals to attend the Workshop either as delegates or by delivering expert lectures, panellists, session moderators, etc. 

Those interested in delivering the expert talk can submit the summary of their talk/expert lecture along with a bio-sketch at 

Moreover, there is also an opportunity for poster presentation (Exhibiting preliminary research findings along with novel and original ideas). Cash Prizes worth INR 6,000, 4,000, and 2,000 would be given to the three best posters. 

Please Submit the Abstract of your Posters at

Abstracts of posters/ summary of the talk/expert lecture will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
•    Relevance
•    Timeliness
•    Technical content
•    Novelty and originality
•    Recommendation

The Workshop shall provide authors and participants with an opportunity to connect and engage in discussions about the new frontiers of research and innovations that will revolutionize the globe in 2050. Being futuristic, the Workshop shall catalyze the sustainable pathway for 2050. 
The abstract of all accepted posters/lectures/talks shall be published in the Book of Abstract, which shall be indexed. All submissions have been open since 5th August 2023


The topics to be covered during the workshop include
(But not limited to):

  1. 2050 Vision for Transportation & Mobility
  2. Futuristic TechWorld in 2050
  3. Block-chain, Information Technology, and Smart Finance.
  4. Agile and Resilient Logistics Pathways.
  5. Future Advancement in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and IoT.
  6. The changing face of Global Financial Eco-Systems: New Paradigm
  7. Circular and Bio-Based Economy
  8. Teaching-Learning Environment & Educational Leadership in 2050.
  9. Green Manufacturing and Bio-Based/ Chemical Processes.
  10. Pathways towards a regenerative future
  11. Future-ready sustainable healthcare infrastructure
  12. Industry 6.0


Last date for Submission of Summary of talk

November 30, 2023

Notification of selection of  talk

Within a week of its Submission

Last date of Submission of Poster

December 15, 2023 

Notification of selection of Poster:

Within a week of its Submission

Last date for Registration

December 25, 2023 

Dates of Workshop

January 4-10, 2024

Dates of Expert Lectures /Poster Presentation / Panel Discussions

January 4-8, 2024

Scientific Tours

January 9-10, 2024

In Partnership With


Join us for the 1st International Workshop


“Sustainable Technologies for a Better Planet: Challenges & Preparedness for 2050”.

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